About Us

ABG Group Limited (ABG Group in brief) was established in 1994. It has developed into a prestigious professional organization specialized in cultural communication, education services, immigration and investment, which functions as a pioneer in setting up educational articulation programs between China and Australia. Meanwhile, ABG Group is also engaged in exclusive services of training, accounting, legal consultancy and etc.

Australia China International Cultural Exchange Society, Chinese & Australian Leading University Institution Alliance, Australia-China Education Services Co., Ltd. and Australian Bowen Griffins Pty Ltd. are under the administration of ABG Group. They branch and establish representative offices respectively in Perth, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Based in the economic hinterland of Great Bay Area, business scope of these companies covers Australia and China Mainland.

ABG Group holds on to the purpose of “Sincerity and Excelsior”, regarding services for customers as its priority. In more than twenty years of practices, ABG Group has successfully assisted numerous Chinese civilians to study, settle and trade in Australia. During this process, ABG Group cooperated with famous universities in both China and Australia, including Group of Eight and Australian Technology Network in Australia, nation key universities subject to Project 211 and “Double First-Class” universities in China, activating hundreds of educational cooperative cases within both countries.

Excellent consecutive performance of ABG Group earns itself good reputation. ABG Group paves convenient access for Chinese talents to study abroad, open the gateway for Chinese investors and build up solid bridges of communication and cooperation for Sino-Australian education industry. ABG Group consistently facilitates the exchange of economic, education and culture between China and Australia.


  1. 中澳名校聯盟
  2. 澳中國際文化交流協會
  3. 廣州澳中教育服務有限公司
  4. 澳中國際文化交流有限公司
  5. 澳中國際文化交流協會廣州代表處
  6. 澳力企業集團有限公司廣州代表處
  7. 澳中國際文化交流有限公司廣州代表處
  8. 澳大利亞彼恩·格力夫斯有限公司(澳洲公司)
  9. 澳大利亞彼恩·格力夫斯有限公司(香港公司)
  10. 澳中國際文化交流及促進協會(有限公司)
  11. 澳中教育服務有限公司(香港)

Rich Experience

ABG Group is based in Western Australia, highly recognized and supported by Western Australian government over the past decades. Agency services of immigration and education covers all states of Australia while consultancy services reach the whole world.

Professional Team

The team consists of former Senior Immigration Examiners, Australian registered Immigration Agents, Australian Justice of the Peace as well as qualified layers, accountants, auditors and investment advisers.

Advantageous Location

Rooted in economic hinterland of Great Bay Area, ABG Group has the access to relevant resources and is able to implement comprehensive international connection and communication. Advantageous national policy enables ABG Group to possess promising development opportunities and space.

High Success Ratio

During years of practical services, ABG Group has successfully assisted numerous people to study, settle and trade in Australia.

Our Mission

ABG Group focuses on providing customers with convenient and international immigration proposals and relevant settlement services with sincerity and loyalty, satisfying diversified and professional demands of customers.
ABG Group initiated to create optimized value for customers, improve customer satisfaction to the utmost and afford serious, superb and efficient customized services so as to fulfill customers’ targets of further study, immigration and investment.

Our Idea

Quality and Result
Profession and
Preciseness and
Privacy Protection
Expertise and
Dedication and
Education Support
Contribution to
the Society

Our Service

Immigration and Settlement

ABG Group offers one-stop immigration advisory service and relevant settlement service including 1. Free immigration qualification assessment and consultancy; 2. Immigration application; 3. Free settling guidance and support.

Professional Skill Assessment

ABG Group undertakes professional skill assessment and hands over to authorized assessment organization.

Further Studies

ABG Group generates reasonable and feasible plans for further studies, assisting students with offer and visa application.

Culture and Education Communication

ABG Group facilitates academic communication, academic visits, cooperative communication and proposal formulation of Chinese and Australian educational organizations.

Key Person of ABG

Dr. Katherine Su Nie

Justice of the Peace

Business Founder, Managing Director
Registered Migration and Education Agent
Australia Registered Migration Agent No.: 0005454
Australian Immigration Agency No.: 1666
Australia Education Agent No.: C107
Senior Membership of Australian Management Association: 512288
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Mr. Bobby Ye

Justice of the Peace

Professional Registered Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent No.: 9903644
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Mr. David Nie

Business Founder, Managing Director

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Mr. Robert O’Rourke

Chief Executive Officer

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